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Requerdos de Ligoure 2016


Bonjour Eleftheria,

J'ai beaucoup apprécié ton récital .

Encore bravo pour ce stage très réussi cette année!



Thanks to you for this opportunity, and for the kindness of all maestros....Lysiana

 Thanks for everything Eleftheria. It was a pretty unique and magical experience for me!



Nous avons tellement de beaux souvenirs en tête , mais ce qui me vient à l’esprit

Est de retrouver toutes ces personnes qui partagent  la même passion pour la guitare

Et ça fait du bien dans un cadre  idyllique et hors du temps de partager celle –ci

avec vous tous

Merci à Eleftheria, Oresti, et Gabriel de leurs conseils avisés sans oublier Raymond pour son sens de la poésie musicale.



 I can’t thank you enough for another wonderful stage.



 I am still recovering from a wonderful week.

I really had a good time and miss it a lot.


 Merci encore à toi pour ce merveilleux stage.


 Encore merci pour tous ces bons moments musicaux et conviviaux.


 ‘it was great to learn and play with all of you and I hope to return another time’



Thank you for this stage, it was awesome!! I really appreciated to meet all these new people, having a passion for guitar.

 My top 3 best memories ( the order is not relevant) :

-Orestis' concert : I was really amazed by the sensitivity and genius of his compositions !! I sure want to improve my playing in order to be able to play those pieces !

-The last concert with everybody : It was a super awesome moment ! I had a lot of pleasure playing what I rehearsed all week with the different ensembles, and also to appreciate everybody else's music! The group 3 part was impressive ! And the end was very funny, with Chris doing a parody of you three !!

-The Master class with you, I really learned a lot and it gave me real hints for the interpretation of the Prelude n°3, which I realized I didn't completely understand before ! Thank you. 

 I'd love to see you again next year, for the next session

lots of hugs - Anais


It is now September, I am back in Kiev, but still seriously under the influence of this beautiful summer in Ligoure. The warm and energizing atmosphere, super nice participants and inspiring first class professionals who gave us the best of their performing skills and excellent teaching. An unforgettable combination.

Thank you Eleftheria, for organizing this (with Elisabeth's support), for your beautiful recital and for choosing Gabriel, Orestis and Raymond to join you, and give us, as you did yourself, a unique glimpse of their inspiring art.

Together with my morning runs through the beautiful French countryside, the long, warm summer nights under the stars, with Nina's singing, and the fun we had with our orchestral practice (the first for some of us), it was a great experience and a such a wonderful way to spend the summer.

Un grand merci a tous!